Galenas is rapidly expanding its market presence regionally within the midwestern and northeastern United States. Our objective is to establish vertically-integrated operations across new and emerging cannabis markets. Our goals drive us towards our existing competitive advantages and advance opportunities to create new brands, build customer loyalty, and drive growth and profitability in this swiftly expanding marketplace.


(Super Important Goals)

SIG 1:
Build the Galenas Footprint and Brands Regionally In the Midwest and Northeast

· Establish cultivation, processing, and retail operations in major emerging cannabis markets in the midwest and northeast

· Build brand awareness and customer acquisition through specifically tailored marketing approaches, including a combination of paid and earned media as well as guerilla campaigns

SIG 2:
Define Brands and Products Across Consumer Segments

· By recognizing that the cannabis consumer is not monolithic, we will establish different brands to attract different consumer groups.

· We will use data analytics and a multi-channel approach to spread awareness and create loyalty among the various end-user groups.

SIG 3:
Drive Profitability Through Targeted Regional Growth

· We will scale the business first through a regional approach that allows us to leverage our existing footprint and avoid overextending our reach.

· Target markets will be those where we can maintain margins and obtain first-mover advantage.

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities that exist as a potential partner with Galenas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.