The team

bringing together the best and brightest minds

Geoff Korff, Founder & CEO of Galenas, knew immediately the importance of building a strong team in order to realize his dream of providing safe access to medical cannabis for patients in the Midwest. Meet the Galenas team!

Geoff korff
Founder & CEO

Geoff has been an advocate for patient’s rights in Ohio for more than a decade. As an attorney he wrote some of the first language that was submitted to the Ohio attorney general to create a medical marijuana regulatory structure in the state. Geoff is broadly experienced and previously served as the president of a manufacturing business in Ohio. He brings a host of professional experience including operations management, quality control, sales and marketing, regulatory compliance, and product development. Geoff has numerous publications for technical papers, law reviews, and business articles. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University and Syracuse University’s College of Law.

Brady Ciancio
Director of Operations

Brady is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in operations consulting and management as well as sales, distribution, and logistics. He is responsible for overseeing all phases of operations at Galenas, from procurement to cultivation to post-processing to customer relations. He is a graduate of The Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.

Christine Dejesus
Director of cultivatioN

Christine offers many years of significant organic farming experience, having directed the cultivation for Great Lakes Brewing Company's Pint Size Farm. She has spent over a decade sharpening her skills in regenerative organic farming. Christine has donated extensive time in volunteer and professional capacities to multiple organizations working toward the reform of cannabis policy. She created the horticulture curriculum for the Cleveland School of Cannabis, where she spent the past year-and-a-half teaching students about the soil food web and plant biochemistry and physiology. Christine completed her undergraduate studies at Kent State University followed by a Masters program at the University of Pittsburgh.

Michael Scheeser

Mike brings a wide array of industrial and manufacturing experience which includes operations management, quality control, supply chain, procurement, marketing, distribution, state, federal and DoD regulatory compliance. Since completing an Aerospace Engineering degree from Penn State, he has served as an executive leader across multiple Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, aerospace, defense and transportation sectors. His leadership experience, industry knowledge, engineering background, and functional expertise in operational excellence enable him to identify, evaluate and pursue the types of opportunities necessary for the development and expansion of the Galenas business.

Jon Sarraino
VP of Business DEvelopment & Supply ChaiN

Jon is an accomplished supply chain management executive who has developed and led large global teams for Fortune 500 companies across multiple sectors throughout his twenty year career including automotive, aerospace and steel. He also brings a significant amount of project management experience to the team, having served as an executive board member of a $1B dollar project that, at the time, represented the largest investment project in the eastern US. In addition, Jon is an accomplished sales and marketing leader. He is a graduate of Westminster College.

Will fithian
Director of MArketing

Will brings 12 years of distinguished service in marketing, product development, business development, and brand design & development. He has spent time in various manufacturing settings, assisted in the introduction of several first-of-their-kind software products, and most recently served as the Marketing Lead for an Ohio based Credit Union. His knowledge and expertise in graphic arts, design aesthetic and overall brand identity ensure the delivery of a memorable patient experience for Galenas customers.

Jacki Faught
quality, Compliance
& Inventory manager

Jacki joined the Galenas team in July 2019 as a cultivation technician. She is a graduate of The Cleveland School of Cannabis where she focused her studies in cultivation. Jacki is a
veteran of the United States Army. She was stationed in South Korea and served as a Military Police Officer until she was honorably discharged. Her plant biology expertise and attention to detail are extremely valuable assets to the Galenas team.

MElissa Luman
Office Manager

Melissa holds a Certified Professional in Supply Management License from The Institute for Supply Management. She brings 15 years of supply chain, financial and costing experience to the Galenas team. She has managed supply chains with over $300 million in spend, as well as led teams to produce over $10 million in cost reduction and savings. Melissa was born and raised in Akron, Ohio and is deeply passionate about her community. She currently sits on the Women's United Committee as the Chair of Engagement. Through philanthropic endeavors, she hopes to lead the Galenas team in achieving their goals to enrich and improve our community impact.