New Budz with Huddz – IV

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Hello cannabis enthusiast and welcome, to yet another New Budz with Huddz. This is the fourth installation of this riveting series where I break down the newest Galenas strains hitting the shelves across this great state. Much like the fourth installment of the Rocky series, I have tirelessly trained for weeks in a Serbian cabin, secluded from society, to bring you this hard hitting, in-depth report. So, let’s get to it (Vince DiCola – Training Montage plays at 11/10 volume in the background) …

Trumpets ring through the air in Akron as we welcome royalty to the Galenas genetics lab for the first time in our company’s history. Allow me to introduce to you, her highness Royal Pam (Royal Wedding x Pam). Bursting with fresh baked bread aroma and tons of sparkling trichomes with visual stickiness, this gorgeous flower will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, happy and ready to rule your kingdom however you see fit for years and years.

As we depart the magical kingdom of Pam, we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of 1980s Miami to greet our next new strain called Valkyrie (Griselda Blanco). If you aren’t familiar with Griselda Blanco and her story I strongly suggest you pick up some Valkyrie, look her up, and strap in for a truly fascinating story. As for the flower, expect the same type of excitement. This strain will provide you with an extremely pungent violet, nutty, mango scent as the aroma attacks you as soon as you open the container. Those great smells are followed by amplified euphoric effects that will leave you tingly all over and extremely happy ( I mean, who doesn’t love that?) This strain has a strong delivery and we are all extremely excited to welcome the Black Widow to our genetics line up.

Everyone always loves the new stuff but we also have some of our superstar strains making their appearance once again. For those heavy indica fans, expect to see fresh batches of Dual OG and Northern Frostberry hitting selves very soon. And for all of you hybrid lovers out there we have one of the most pungent batches of the wildly popular Electric Peanut Butter Cookies ever, being prepared to take the state by storm.

Welp, it’s time for my morning run up the side of snowy Russian mountain. Thank you for listening and make sure to tune in next month for our super awesome 4/20 report. You’re not going to want to miss this one..