Genetic Library

Hunted for you.

In order for a strain to be added to our genetic library, it must meet or exceed a myriad of qualifying characteristics. The three most obvious qualifiers are cannabinoid content, terpene content and effects.  Beyond those, we also take bud density, overall aesthetic, flavor, scent, stability, parentage and trichome coverage into account. If a strain manages to meet all of those requirements, then, and only then, is it added to the Galenas stable. These stringent metrics allow us to offer only the most desirable, exotic, and high-quality flower to our customers. It’s not the easy way, but it’s the right way.

SecondBreakfast - Copy
dual OG
epbc - Copy
snowball - Copy
NFB - Copy
Gorilla Nut
astral destiny
THN artwork
garlic snake
Cake Crasher
Alien Pebbles
Chem Cookies-01