New Budz with Huddz – V

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I would like to formally apologize for the short break in my blog posts. The beginning of 2023 kicked off extremely busy, however, New Budz with Huddz is still here and this blog’s longevity will eventually make the Fast and Furious franchise look like a Tik Tok. So, with that being said, let us take a swan dive off the new strain springboard into all the new stuff we have hitting shelves soon.

First on the list is one of our all-time most popular strains and one that people have been aggressively asking us to bring back for the last 5 months. Without further ado, BLUEBERRY COOKIES (Blueberry Tahoe x Thin Mint GSC) has officially made its return to the market. For those of you who have not yet tried this strain, I’ll keep the explanation short and sweet – literally. This bud tastes EXACTLY like a blueberry donut. Period. Most of the time you’ll hear that a “Blueberry” strain carries a faint blueberry aroma or a slight blueberry flavor. Our Blueberry Cookies hits you in the face with an intense blueberry taste and the smell will have whatever room you’re in smelling like a bakery. The effects are great for all day use and offer great relaxation and stress relief qualities. Easily one of the best tasting strains in the program.

Now, let’s get to the NEW stuff. To keep the tasty train moving full steam ahead, allow me to introduce GRAPE PIE (Cherry Pie x Grape Stomper). One of our newest creations. Grape Pie has a fruit forward aroma and slight grape taste, like grape candy. The effects are tremendous and will leave you feeling tingly and uplifted. This is a great strain to use while kicking back and watching your favorite comedy movie. We suggest Half Baked. You’ve probably already seen it a million times before…but have you seen it on weeeeeed?!

Here at Galenas, we get hype for every strain we put out. With all the time and effort we put in to growing our products organically in living soil, it’s kind of hard not to. However, the strain we are about to unveil is by far one of the most anticipated strains we have dropped in a long time. Possibly ever… idk. This strain’s genetics are straight from Ohio, grown in Ohio soil, by Ohio cultivators, making it our first “All Ohio” strain. Allow me to introduce I-71 (Lemon G x ’88 G13 Hashplant) named after the legendary state route that will take you from the top of the state all the way to the Ohio River. An indica dominant hybrid that has a great piney aroma and carries “hash-like” effects. Very relaxing and sedative high. Excellent for wrapping up the day. This classic cross has been wildly popular, so we are very excited to bring it back to life organically. If you’ve ever been on 1-71, this strain is going to give Grandpa’s Cheesebarn a run for its money when it comes to the best thing associated with that road.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. As always, can’t wait to bump into some of you during my adventures throughout the state.