New Budz with Huddz

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Before we begin, I want to make it perfectly clear that this is my very first attempt at writing for anyone other than the handful of weirdos that I play poker with and like maybe like one or two teachers in college. With that being said, expect a ton of references to fantasy shows, hip hop, sports, and whatever TikTok is popular at the moment. Most importantly though, this blog’s true purpose is to give you a sneak peek behind the curtain of the Galenas Genetics Lab to put you on to all the new and exciting products that will be hitting menus at a dispensary near you.

First up at the plate is an absolute monster of a strain that goes by the name Gorilla Butter. We linked up with our friends from Fresh Coast Seeds in Michigan to bring a strain that is akin to White Truffle Cut which is HUGE at the moment. These buds have everything you are looking for. Dense. Frosty. Delicious Taste. Gorilla Butter hits hard on every level. We can’t wait to let this one out of its cage.

Now listen… This next strain I am about to mention has everyone at Galenas extra excited. We are humbled and proud as hell to be the first grow IN THE NATION to ever run this strain from Yggdrasil Genetics. A cross between Mimosa x Crescendo x and the infamous Electric Peanut Butter Cookies, I’d like to introduce, Lembas Dough. Shout out to my LOTR fans if you catch the name reference. Lembas Dough is definitely going to pack a punch sitting in the 27% – 30% range. The terps on this strain are out of this world. Faint citrus notes with an almost, angel food cake like finish, gives this strain one of the most pleasant and delicious flavor profiles on the market. Can’t wait to see Lembas Dough take on Second Breakfast for the top spot in our genetics lab. Yeah, we said it… It’s really that good.

All Hail the King! Kingz Ringz is our newest Live Resin offering and is only available for a limited time. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this strain brought to us from our very good friend Brian King. A cross of Sleeskunk and Black Widow this strain packs a heavy floral punch followed by that classic, old skool dank that we all know and love. I don’t want to jump the gun but, this might be the one ring to rule them all. Can’t wait to get my hands on some.

Stay tuned for more updates on all the rad things we have in the works here at Galenas. I promise you, there are some very awesome things in store.