New Budz with Huddz – II

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Welcome back to another episode of New Budz with Huddz. If you’re new here, I take you behind the scenes at Galenas to give you an in-depth look at what we are working on. Much like the Godfather series, the second installment of this series is sure to exceed its predecessor due to the fact that we have 3 brand new strains that are absolute juggernauts. Let get into it…

Bickett OG: Imagine if you accidently created one of the most potent strains in the game? Well, that is exactly what our good buddy Nick Rysden accomplished when one of his Cherry Pie plants hermed in a room full of GMO plants. The result… Bickett OG. This strain is off the charts testing at 34.8% and then 37.3%. This cross between Cherry Pie x GMO packs a serious punch while holding true to those great GMO aromas with faint acidic scent. This is a very rare strain due to its long flowering process however, we have all intentions of keeping this monster in our growing rotation. If you want to get the story behind the name Bickett OG, then I invite you to look up Jimmy Bickett and the Cornbread Mafia based out of Kentucky in the 80s. It’s an absolutely insane story and the origins for this strains name.

Eastside Gary: Coming in next is all the way from the Eastside we have another new strain featuring the insanely popular Gary Payton strain. Eastside Gary (Eastside OG x Gary Payton). This strain is super pungent with a loud gassy aroma with a kick of skunk at the end. Along with having a fantastic classic cannabis taste, this hybrid (leaning slightly sativa) will cover all your mood elevation and pain relief needs like a glove… see what I did there?

Pure MI: We were reluctant to release this strain under its current name because we are all very aware that Ohio clearly does not give a damn about the whole state of Michigan. However, if you can get over that hurdle, you’ll find that this strain is a true embodiment of the excellent genetics being produced up north. Thug Pug and 3rd Coast Genetics hooked up to collab on this Oreoz x Mendo Breath mix to bring us Pure MI aka Pure Michigan. Boasting excellent relaxation effects and a sweet earthy aroma packed with vanilla and myrrh notes, Pure Michigan is just what the doctor ordered for a relaxing night in. If it makes you feel better, you can call it TSUN (That Strain Up North). We definitely don’t mind.