The Drop with Adonis

We dropped a variety of amazing strains this year. Blueberry Cookies, Alien Pebbles, Chem Cookies, Northern Frostberry, and our magnificent Second Breakfast; however, the time has come to spice up the lineup. In the upcoming year we are adding 5 new strains that will be featured in our Certified Kind Organic products. That means all new Halflings, Wizard Joints Packs, Premium Eighth Packs, and Deli Buds.


Cookies N’ Chem: This strain slaps! If you’re looking for a sweet and sour flavor profile that will help you wind down at the end of the day, then you’re going to love our new Cookies N’ Chem pheno. This potent beast tests between 24-30% THC, so you will definitely enjoy the heavy indica dominant hybrid effects of Cookies n Chem. If you love Chem Cookies, you will find her sister even more enjoyable.

Top Terpenes: Caryophyllene ● Limonene ● Myrcene

Lineage: Girl Scout Cookies x Stardawg x Starfighter


The Soap: Our Michigan fans have begged for more sativa dominant strains to enter the lineup. The Soap is our answer. It’ll hit you like a Steph Curry bomb from half court. The smooth smoke gives a hard-hitting, uplifting, euphoric effect that sativas are known and loved for. It won’t feel like a quick splash, either. The buzz is long lasting, however, the come down might bring on some business if you consume too much.

Top Terpenes: Caryophyllene ● Limonene ● Humulene

Lineage: Animal Mintz x Kush Mintz


Han Solo Burger: This strain is what you smoke after a long Wednesday at work – maybe we should have renamed this one to Hump Day Savior. A savory blend of herbs, spices, and wood is all you taste when you take a hit of Han Solo Burger from one of our premium pre-rolls. This funky OG cross won’t lay you out but will make you feel more relaxed, euphoric, and happy. 23-27% THC, but who cares – Star Wars strain!

Top Terpenes: Pinene ● Caryophyllene ● Limonene

Lineage: Larry OG X GMO Cookies


Grape Pie: Finally, a magical grape strain. Munchies and couch lock are what you should expect here. Sugary aromas with a touch of gas at the end deliver a deliciously sweet smoking experience. The indacouch lovers will worship this heavy hitter. I’d personally use these in Halfling form during the day to chill me out. The little .3 gramers help to limit the dose so I can stay productive. Testing between 21-25%, it packs a punch.

Top Terpenes: Myrcene ● Pinene ● Limonene

Lineage: Cherry Pie X Grape Stomper


Apple Tartz: I am usually not a fan of apple strains, however, this one hits. It’s the Runtz parentage that does it for me. Need I say more? The sweet aroma and taste will draw you in. The effects are very balanced – nice body buzz and euphoric head high. Some people will end up stuck with the munchies. This one clocks in around 22-30% THC.

Top Terpenes: Myrcene ● Pinene ● Limonene

Lineage: Runtz x Apple Fritter


Final Thoughts: These strains might not be new to Michigan, but this might be the first time anyone has grown them in living soil. You will taste the difference. All the new genetics in our lineup are fire, but I think my favorite from this drop is The Soap. Mostly thanks to the unique bitter, sour, and almost metallic taste. If ya know, you know. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to keep up with the latest Galenas drops or follow us on Instagram so you are always connected with our wizard weed.